Spine & Sport



Spine & Sport offers a non-surgical and post-operative approach to spine, musculoskeletal, sports and occupational injuries through physical therapy, movement training, massage and sport-performance enhancement. Our specialists use a pioneering multi-disciplinary approach to help you reach your optimal physical potential and experience pain relief, restored motion, increased strength, better endurance and a higher quality of life. We can help if you are considering physical therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractors, sports physical therapy, sports medicine, physical rehabilitation, physiatrists, alternatives to surgery, orthopedics, osteopathy, vestibular rehabilitation, massage, performance training or athletic training. Contact us if you would like pain relief or are suffering from sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, muscle pain, sciatica, TMJ, trigger finger, carpal tunnel, herniated or bulging discs, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, arthritis, musculoskeletal issues, spine problems (kyphosis definition), spinal disorders, spine care concerns, non-operative injuries, post-surgical disabilities, or if you are considering spinal, disc or knee surgery or would simply like to realize greater fitness and overall wellness in your day to day activities.


SPINE & SPORT opened its private studio in March 2004, and is located on the first floor of the Abacoa Professional Center II in Jupiter, FL. The accommodations are designed specifically for individualized therapy and those who desire to exercise to their fullest potential but require special and caring consideration of their medical limitations.

Top specialists in the fields of physical therapy, massage and performance training have been brought together to create SPINE & SPORT. The extraordinary services offered at SPINE & SPORT are characterized by comprehensive one-on-one attention.

SPINE & SPORT accepts all patients, including those on Medicare. In addition, the office is open to individuals strictly interested in performance and wellness training. Since SPINE & SPORT is a non participating provider for third party payers, it is not bound by the limitations and restrictions enacted on many other medical facilities.


The top specialists in the fields of spine, orthopaedics, sports medicine, massage and performance training have come together to create SPINE & SPORT. This pioneering multidisciplinary concept represents a new and exciting specialized approach to non-operative and perioperative care, post-rehabilitation performance training and wellness.

The extraordinary services offered through SPINE & SPORT are characterized by comprehensive one-on-one attention. By utilizing a fee-for-service model, caregivers are not bound by the constraints that third-party payers impose on other medical practices. SPINE & SPORT does not utilize aides or medical assistants, preferring to provide direct interaction with medical care specialists.

The professionals at SPINE & SPORT firmly believe that, regardless of any injury, one can achieve the highest level of physical function and sporting success with comprehensive manual therapy, medical massage, movement training, and physical performance enhancement. The exceptional results our practitioners have achieved for our patients over the years, combined with a dedication to quality, hands-on attention has propelled SPINE & SPORT to the forefront of its field.